Business & Organizational Purpose

We help our clients define their business purpose to gain organizational clarity, alignment, and meaning at any given stage of their development. These include clients that are planning to establish a new setup as well as those that are navigating business transformation. To define the organizational purpose, we not only analyze what the organization makes or sells but also consider the human insight of the client’s view about the business or opportunity. We also help organizations then activate and entrench the defined purpose in the organization reflected in people, culture, strategy, and operations.

Corporate Finance & Strategy

Strategy formation and corporate finance management are the core domains of Analytica Enterprises LLP. Creation of business strategy, value creation, business models, financial management, risk management and business portfolio development are some of the key areas our firm works on.

Customer Insights

Customer Insights are crucial for any business to know, plan and evolve accordingly and become the business leader within their respective sector. Analytica specializes in recording customer insight, develop relevant databases, form partnerships with digital innovators, and develop methodologies for turning insights into actions and thus create value.

Digital, Technology & Data

Technology is the future of business and development. Organizations need to depend more on automation to improve processes, combine human and technological capabilities, breakthrough innovation and get connected on a wider scale regionally and globally. Analytica Enterprises besides providing innovation based digital solutions also partners with leading digital companies providing IT based consulting services to undertake complex IT tasks and provide solutions. BPO services, data integration and database management, dashboard development, ERP systems and innovative application development are some of the areas Analytica Enterprises LLP has worked on.

Innovation strategy & delivery

Innovation strategy coupled with right innovation system can make a big difference. Innovation however requires faster, agile research and development processes. Analytica Enterprises LLP specializes in analyzing processes & service delivery mechanisms in organizations, suggesting customized innovation strategies, and then ensuring the strategies are duly implemented to achieve success. Our team helps develop strategies to pinpoint the most critical area for intervention, develop products quickly to tackle the issues at hand, facilitate implementation of the products and suggest venturing, partnership & internal development to achieve objectives. Moreover, we have worked in creating and conceptualizing startups, planning and establishment of tech-based startups and develop processes for incubation and acceleration.

Marketing & Sales

Analytica Enterprises LLP helps develop marketing & sales strategies for organizations through focused approach towards customer processes. We believe one needs to prioritize, highlight, and transform customer experience to develop a sound strategy. We help companies develop a more responsive data driven marketing and sales strategy. Our expertise of customer surveys, digital marketing and pricing & revenue management helps companies develop an effective marketing and sales strategy.


Operational excellence is a must for companies to have a competitive edge over competitors. Analytica specializes in operational services such as procurement management, change management, digital supply chain, capital management and operational excellence. We provide functional expertise across multiple industries to clients seeking to improve their operations including managing operational costs and revenue growth.

People Strategy

Companies that value and focus on their biggest asset “the people” end up more productive as compared to their competitors. People strategy focuses on fundamentals such as leadership, culture, talent, skill development and HR. Analytica Enterprises LLP specializes in talent development & skill development, learning programs, leadership development, BOT (Build – Operate – Transfer) and organizational culture and design development.

Social Impact & Sustainability

Analytica Enterprises LLP is involved in social impact consulting across various sectors. These include focal areas of climate & environment, economic development, health, humanitarian response, education, food systems & security and sustainability. The work in these focal areas is aligned with addressing and achieving the UNs sustainable development goals. (SDGs). The firm has developed strategic plans, concept notes and proposals for health, education, livelihood, WATSAN, gender, women empowerment, inter-faith harmony, advocacy, renewable energy, community-based agriculture and infrastructure projects. 

Feasibility & Investment Plans

Analytica Enterprises LLP provides a robust range of data and tools to help individuals and organizations make the right investment decisions. In addition, we develop pre-feasibility and feasibility studies to help organizations gauge the opportunities at hand and provide data driven assessments of undertaking an investment. The firm has the experience of pre-feasibility and feasibility studies for industrial and economic zones and manufacturing & trading businesses. The firm also specializes in developing business plans for SMEs and MSEs.

Evaluation & Impact Assessments

Our firm has an in-house source for conducting evaluation and impact assessments of projects and programs. The team having worked extensively in development sector specializes in undertaking third party evaluation of projects and programs, policy reviews and performance evaluation. Analytica has under its experience evaluations of projects in health, education, livelihood and WATSAN Projects.

Surveys & Data Analysis

Surveys and data analysis is one of the specialized areas of working at Analytica Enterprises LLP. The team at Analytica has undertaken extensive field surveys focused on data gathering for social sector, market surveys & customer satisfaction for corporate sector, training evaluation surveys, lead generation surveys and GIS based mapping surveys. Data based analytical reports & analysis is also a field Analytica team has expertise on.

Entrepreneurship Trainings

Analytica Enterprises provides entrepreneurship trainings based on structured programs aimed at equipping individuals with necessary skill sets and mindset for identifying and launching new business ventures. The experience of Analytica team having worked in different sectors provides the trainees a strong knowledge base and practical knowhow of idea development and establishment of a new venture. Individual undertaking trainings are also linked with multi-lateral institutions including MFIs, DFIs and Venture capital firms. Trainings tailored and customized as per the audience as well as conducting entrepreneurship challenges and competitions is a focal area extensively worked upon by the team at Analytica.

Capacity Building

Our firm has expertise in conducting capacity building of individuals and organizations in different focal areas including strategic planning, leadership, skills development, behavior and need assessment. AE has arranged and conducted successful trainings for government institutions, local NGOs, community organizations and private sector organizations on various aspects. Our firm not only specializes in undertaking trainings but also in logistics and holding of events including seminars, symposiums, and workshops.

Project Conceptualization and Proposal Development

Analytica Enterprises being a platform of development sector and corporate sector professionals has a strong base of project conceptualization, proposal development and project pitching. Our firm has conceptualized and developed innovative project proposals in health, education, livelihood, mining, micro-hydel, tourism, agriculture & livestock, real estate development and information technology. Our team not only conceptualizes and develops project proposals but also facilitate our clients in pitching the project to the concerned forums including government, donor agencies and investors. Many of these projects include tech based innovative projects.

Content Development

Content development involves process of researching, writing, gathering, organizing, and editing information for publication. Analytica Enterprises has the expertise of producing contents of different types including written, audio and video content. The team at Analytica Enterprises has produced articles, blogs, training manuals and syllabus, case studies, research studies and articles, audio messaging for advocacy and documentary development for projects and services. The firm has also conducted various assignments relating to policy development, analysis and review.